The Pitfalls For Men in Internet Dating and Your Need For Caution

It is really quite easy to join a dating site and grab a very pretty picture post it online and fill out some details that will attract a single man enough to make contact with you. It is very simple to do this and to a person that wants to earn a living by deception, there exist many honest lonely souls out there that can be sucked in by these professionals. Read on.

Many dating sites do not allow you to share your personal details when you are on the so called free trial period with another person. Not only that but there exist dating sites that won’t even allow you to share your details with a non paying member even when you have paid a membership fee.

The ladies that want to scam a man, most often do not make the investment to join a dating agency and they are just there to ply their trade. Of course a stunning photo is a real attraction to every sort of male that I know, and yet in reality all it is, is a stunning photo and nothing else. Till you meet that person in the flesh all it is, is an illusion of what might be.

Just as easy as it is to get a stunning picture and scam a man, so too is it easy for a lady not to post a photo of herself in the hopes that you will fall in love with her before you can really see a picture of her. A lady that is like this also can run a good scam on a mans heart and when he finally sees the picture can find that he is not attracted in any way to this lady in the physical realm.

Just as easy as it is to have a fake picture, so too, it is easy to design well crafted descriptions of the sort of person that you are. This can be as simple as going through other profiles and simply picking all the good parts of them. People’s words and peoples actions are two different things. Words on a page are simply just words on a page. That is all that they are and you have no real evidence that they were even written by the person concerned.

Even if you meet a lady and she has said all the right things and she looks the part, it takes real time to get to know a person. Many a person has committed to marriage and simply ended up marrying real trouble and had a disastrous marriage. You have to know that people always put their best foot forward and play a game of pretend. Many married couples don’t even share the truth with their spouse as they feel the truth would see them lose them.

Therefore there exist many scams and pitfalls that can come upon a man in the dating scene.

If a lady wants money so she can purchase airline tickets to come and see you and be with you, please I beg of you men, spend the extra money to fly to her country and meet her before you commit to paying for her airfare. I have had a lady spend a good 15 to 20 hours trying to get me to agree to pay for her airfare. The only thing that I feel really saved me was the fact that I had no money in the bank and the fact that the next $700 I am saving has already got a purpose for me to do a trip to the USA in order to do ministry over there.

The Internet can be used for great evil.

Please proceed with caution.

The iPhone, Its Functions and iPhone EBooks, Music and Games

Talking about iPhones

Today such a stuff as iPhone gains more and more spread. Hardly is there a person who doesn’t know what an iPhone is. If there are still such people, I’ll tell some words about the iPhone. It is multimedia mobile phone that enables Internet. The iPhone is designed and produced by such a famous company as Apple. The iPhone was marketed not so long ago, but it becomes more and more popular. The reason for this is clear: the iPhone has a bulk of various functions. They include the following functions: a portable media player, a camera phone, visual voicemail and text messaging. These functions also involve some Internet facilities such as web browsing, local Wi-Fi connectivity, e-mail and some others. The iPhone has the GSM standard, so it is not a surprise that it becomes world-spread. Although a lot of people say that these mobile phones are not handy at all, the users of iPhones claim that they can really provide with a lot of advantages.

Some functions of iPhones

A media player is almost the same as iPod (also the production of Apple), but there is a difference in the structure of the music library. The sections of music in the iPhone are divided more alphabetically. The iPhones can play video and the owners of the iPhones can watch movies and TV shows. It also possesses a built-in camera. However, the iPhone does not allow taking video recording, only photos. What is more, the iPhone has supports that help the owners to view, upload or e-mail photos made by the iPhone. For working with texts, the iPhone has a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen. You can also read eBooks from the iPhone. You see, there are so many functions that it is hardly possible to mention them all.

Downloading things on iPhones

But still the question remains: how to deal with all these possibilities. Is there any site that gives the iPhone-users a chance to download iPhone eBooks, movies, music, games and other things? Fortunately, there exist a great many of such sites. Some of them can have over 30 billion files and contain various types of games, a lot of music styles, a great collection of movies and up-to-date eBooks. The download sites can be for free and can be paid. Both free and paid sites have their advantages and disadvantages. So you can choose where to download iPhone eBooks, movies, music, games and other stuff.

Dating And Attraction- How A Positive Attitude Attracts Who You Want

Have you ever wondered why you can’t attract and date the people you want? Mike had trouble finding and attracting the girl he wanted. According to Mike, women wouldn’t go out with him. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He had a job, a car, and nice clothes. He had buddies, golf games on the weekend, and most of what he thought he needed to be cool. But at the end of the day, as he sat watching TV alone, it came down to this: How come no one liked Mike?

When it came to dating, Mike repeated a habit of having a bad experience, and then compounded the problem by drawing the wrong conclusion for future behavior. Example: “I met a girl through the Internet. We seemed to hit it off. I took her to dinner and then she wouldn’t return my calls. That’s the last time I’m paying for anyone’s dinner!”

Unattractive people often don’t have a clue about their impact on others. They trample over feelings and think everyone is taking unfair advantage of them. Mike was in this category, blaming everything and everyone for women not being attracted to him.

Why is Mike having a problem? Here are some of the main reasons people are not attractive:

· Excessive self-promotion

Attraction and dating will not happen if you brag. We’re not talking about being enthusiastic about your work and your life and sharing that excitement with others who want to listen. We’re describing someone who brags about how much they own or how they are better than everyone else. They are smug and aloof about their accomplishments and possessions. This attitude is guaranteed to turn people off.

· Extreme apologizing

Not attracting and dating people can also happen when someone constantly apologizes for everything. This behavior is a form of self-sabotage. “I’m sorry I don’t look good tonight.” “Please forgive my old jacket–I need to buy a new one.” “I have a bad hair day every day!” An absurd number of these apologetic remarks reflects a person who is seeking a bottomless pit of affirmation. It is impossible to give someone else that much reassurance. No one is attracted to one who has a lack of self-care and self-love.

· Conflicting messages

Attraction and dating can’t happen when you are sending strong conflicting messages. If you do this you will drive people nuts with your “come here-go away” words and gestures. Example: “I love you more every day, AND, I saw my old girlfriend today. We talked a long time and I think I still have feelings for her.” A relationship with anyone who does this will make a heart feel like a ping-pong ball.

· Abuse

Abusers can be attractive until their real self is revealed. Some are overt, and reveal themselves right away with angry temper tantrums. But more are covert, masking future abuse with big displays of gifts, affection, and subtle control. If someone has a history of physical or psychological abuse, is obsessive about your former relationships, and is attentive and needy to the point of not wanting you to spend time with family or friends, that person is sending you signals of problems to expect in the future.

Even though no one could tell it, Mike was actually a good guy. When he asked for honest feedback from friends, he discovered what he did to offend people. He was stunned to learn how he hurt the feelings of others. With this input, he was able to adjust his behavior, which changed how people responded to him.

Everyone is starting to like Mike now. Mike is becoming more attractive. Mike is finally dating.